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A tile-based puzzle game


Each level increases intensity and asks the player to use the mechanics presented to solve puzzles.


Reference: Lara Croft GO

I wanted to use Lara Croft GO's lever and bridge mechanic as a starting point for my See Invisibility mechanic. In Lara Croft GO, the player interacts with a lever in order to reveal a bridge that the player can cross. My mechanic would essentially do the same thing just changing the aesthetics to match my other reference.


Reference: Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

In Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, the player can come across a temporary power-up that lets them see platforms that they previously couldnt. Combining this idea with the lever and bridge mechanic from Lara Croft GO is how I came to creating the See Invisibility mechanic for this tile-based game.

Design Document

Description This mechanic will allow the player to refill their Mana meter and while they have Mana, they’ll be able to see and walk on floors they couldn't otherwise. The Mana meter will start at empty when a player begins playing. The player will refill their Mana meter by interacting with a Font of Mana. Once the player has Mana, moving to a new tile will deplete some Mana. Also, when the player has Mana they’ll see new floors where they previously did not. These Invisible Floor Tiles will act as Pits unless the player has Mana. When these Invisible Floor Tiles are revealed, they’ll appear and act as normal Floor Tiles. If the player depletes their Mana while standing on a revealed tile that was previously invisible, the tile will revert to a Pit and destroy the player. The Font of Mana will be able to be interacted with so long as the player does not have full Mana. The Font of Mana will appear as a pool of light and will match the color of the Mana meter. The player will use the revealed walkable tiles to cross a threshold otherwise impossible in order to complete the level.

User Story

As a player I want to use Mana to see invisible floors, so that I can complete the level.

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